Verna Korkie

Artist Statement: "The closer we get to who we were meant to be, the brighter we shine."

Forever and always I have adored pretty things. To be present in beautiful environments fills me with joy. In Weyburn, Saskatchewan where I grew up, art was not “taught” as a subject so it didn't occur to me to pursue this endeavour. A single experience early in adulthood answered any questions I might have had as to my artistic ability. It was abysmal; the end of it.

Or so I thought. Rounding a corner on a road that was not really a road a few years ago in Iceland, I came upon an ancient bicycle decorated with hanging baskets of flowers. My immediate reaction was, “I want to paint this!". That bolt out of the blue came as a shocker. But it was the catalyst that started my foray into the wonderful world of art and oil painting.

Married to Bob for pretty much my whole life, we have three sons who reside in the US, and five wonderful grandchildren. 

My former “incarnations” of RN, owner of a disability case management company, and founder of Curves in Canmore have kept me content and happy. Becoming a Zumba instructor has been added to my current bag of tricks. The best is yet to come......

My new river side Loosey Goosey Art Studio & Gallery is located at:

733 - 2nd Street in Canmore, Alberta  

P: 403-675-1141     C: 780-982-2488