Sue Hayduk

Artist Statement: 

I'm a self-taught artist originally from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. My study of artwork came from a very early age:  I watched my father meticulously draw and paint advertising posters in the 70's and Bob Ross' instructional painting shows kept me drawn to the TV every Sunday afternoon. Both these mentors were avid naturalists, so it is no wonder that I grew up with a love of the outdoors and painting landscapes. 

I still consider myself budding artist - still trying to find my style.  I love mixed media and fabric art and hope to learn more skills to develop that work. I also love cartooning, paper crafts and making collages and clay models.

Right now I primarily work with acrylics because they are bold and vibrant and allow me to play a little bit more with patterns and texture to bring "feeling" to the piece.

You can see more of my work "SueQdesigns" on Facebook, Etsy and Redbubble.