Still Life Workshop Presented by Bobbi Dunlop Non-Mbr


Still Life Workshop Presented by Bobbi Dunlop Non-Mbr


Still Life Workshop Presented by Bobbi Dunlop

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A painting magically reaches out and pulls you across the room for a closer look. How or why does that happen? It's often a simple subject, yet a painting can be so captivating, it just doesn't let go ... mysteriously drawing you to look closer.

This 2-day workshop will touch on all the "Simple Ideas” that Bobbi emphasizes throughout her teaching: "logical ideas" ... the nuts and bolts necessary to build a strong, beautiful painting.  Ideas that help take the mystery out of painting and add the magic you are seeking; ideas that will take your work to the next level.

Touching on all the fundamentals - SHAPE, VALUE, EDGES - and that scary thing called "COLOUR" - Bobbi will take you through the process of designing your still life. You will learn that the 'still-life' is merely a vehicle in which to explore all the wondrous "possibilities" in paint!

Simple! Is the operative word for Bobbi's workshops - and each workshop builds on the other through this theme.  Using our chosen subject, we will stay true to the simple fundamentals, as we begin to understand - and solve - the challenges associated with building a strong painting. Reducing ideas and problems into their simplest forms, you will learn to visualize and develop our ideas and discover the joy in making brush marks.

In this 2-day intensive and fun workshop you will learn how to approach painting from an 'artistic perspective'. The first day we will explore making 'starts', exploring form, and abstract and conceptual design ... all directed toward the student setting up and creating their own still life using personal objects, ultimately bringing their own vision together in their final painting.

Bobbi will demonstrate in oil paint and you will receive plenty of one-on-one, hands-on guidance throughout as she sensitively guides you to your own "personal artistic vision". Some experience to advanced artists welcome - maximum 12 students.

Visit Bobbi's website to view her work and sign up for her newsletter.,  @bobbidunlop- Instagram