Natalie Yarema

Artist Statement: 

Since I was small child I have had an unmeasurable infatuation for both art and nature. I carried this passion through my studies while I attended; Alberta College of Art and Design and The Art Institute of Vancouver.

My work is distinguishable by my attempt to encapsulation the subject by using details that will describe it’s presence without hampering their freedom.

Strongly influenced by Artists such as Beth Carvener, Heather Day and Anne Bocek. By their grandeur feel of movement and how they use negative space. My use of Watercolour, colour pencil and other painting medium allows me to express my subject in a broader way.  I favor a limited colour pallet and choose to minimize background noise. Which may otherwise distract from the subject. Purposely elevating it to emphases how important our wildlife is to Canadian culture 

Contact Info:



Instagram: natyarema_artist

FaceBook: natyarema_artist