Fiscal year is from April 1, of current year to March 31, of the following year. If you are submitting for partial year it needs to be after October 1 of the current year.


Select your membership

from 25.00

Select your membership:

         Select Select your membership       Full membership - individual $40.00Family membership - full membership $60.00Partial year full membership after Oct. 1st (first time member only) $25.00Associate membership $30.00Organization / club / company membership $100.00       




Volunteer requirements

pay dues by the 1st of April for renewing members.

actively participate and volunteer 10 hour per year to keep us running. (new members joining after Oct. 1st require only 5)

submit work for inclusion to at least 1 group show per year.

attend CAG meetings.

sit the gallery for a modest number of hours per show when your art is on display and other shows as time permits.

engage gallery visitors in a discussion of the art on display.

10 volunteer hours per year aside from sitting while your work is on display on the gallery walls.

take an active role in the administration and operations of the Guild through assuming a volunteer role on an on-going or ad hoc basis.