Marcos Molina

Artist Statement:

Canadian Fine Artist Marcos Molina’s oil paintings seek to portray the majestic character of the mountains, glaciers, forests, and lakes of the Canadian Rockies, but beyond this they aspire to convey the sense of freedom and adventure that inspires many to experience the pristine landscapes of the Canadian West.

Through Marcos Molina’s fine art oil paintings, art and nature lovers will recognize classics from the Canadian Rockies and BC Mountains while being taken on a journey further into the wilderness where scenes becomes timeless.

Marcos Molina's journey through the art world has spanned 2 decades, along the way exploring various styles and techniques in oil painting, and in so doing developing a unique style that he likes to think of as vivid realism, where light and colour come to life more vibrantly to create lasting images in our eyes.

From meticulous panel preparation to using the finest oils and brushes, Marcos Molina's painting process demonstrates attention to detail at every step. Layer by layer, distant and soft backgrounds slowly give way to more imposing features, inviting the viewer to join the scene.

Every Marcos Molina original art piece is a creative journey of many hours that offers you collection-quality authentic artwork from the Canadian Rockies.