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Linda Cranston

Artist Statement: 

Simply phrased, I’m a self-taught artist and have always been creative ever since I was able to hold a pencil or crayon. One of my earliest artistic expressions was when I drew pictures and scribbles on my aunt’s wall.

My early art began with water colors, then graduated to oils. After several years of not painting, I decided to begin again when we moved to Canmore. A mutual friend introduced me to “The Artists Way” which was the encouragement and motivation I needed. I discovered acrylics and because I’m one of those artists who can’t wait for paint to dry, this was an ideal medium. I discarded my traditional ways of painting and began experimenting with mixed mediums and dabbling in abstract art.

What inspires me? Predominately, nature inspires my art. I’ve lived across Canada, from the prairies of Saskatchewan, the orchards of British Columbia, the Ontario Lake of the Woods, and finally settling in Canmore’s majestic mountains in 1998. When I look at nature my mind is constantly buzzing, visualizing how I can produce that moment on canvas. It might be a particular formation of clouds across a brilliant blue sky or the way the sun filters through the trees casting its shadows. Even if I decide on an abstract piece, there has to be an element of nature.


CraneStone Art:


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