Katherine Gauthier

Artist Statement: 

Katherine Gauthier was born in Stony Plain, Alberta. She is the youngest and only daughter to Marie and Don, musicians and teachers. She grew up in a musical family. Her two brothers mastering multiple instruments while little Katherine just wanted to paint and draw instead of practicing the variety of musical instruments her parents tried to ignite her passionate over. 

Years later, Katherine headed off to Calgary to attend ACAD to get her first degree in Fine Arts. She then worked and traveled the world for most of her 20s, teaching children English in Japan and then working with youth on cruise ships. Katherine would bring her “art kit” with her and when she would have some time off, would draw and paint wherever she was, Alaskan café or a beach in the Bahamas. Still doing small design jobs whenever she could.

In her early 30’s, Katherine went for her 2nd degree in Vancouver at UBC where she got her Bachelor of Education and moved back to her hometown to be closer to her family. She worked there as a Middle School Drama and Art Teacher. She there met her husband.

Katherine’s artwork has evolved over the years but she has always kept an enchanted, dramatic mood. Her art is always evolving. “You can control it or try to confine it but eventually it evolves and will evolve beyond your constraints.” She likes to approach making art “like a discipline much like sports or going to the gym. If you wait for the motivation to naturally come, you will be waiting a long time”. Being the catalyst starts the evolution process. Katherine wants to show the audience what could be seen if you look at something the right way.

I will use palette knives, brushes, paint pens, sponges and water bottles to achieve different looks for my subject matter. Religious iconic statues, birds, the northern lights and the rocky mountain moon have been powerful, mysterious and magical subject matter for me. I am ever drawn to what you see if you look beyond, just a little further. “The Night Garden” has been a series of paintings I am working on. Everything has a touch of mystery and magic when it’s under a big full moon, you can really see it.” -Katherine Gauthier

Currently Katherine has joined her new husband in Canmore, Alberta and she is passionately pursuing her art practice and studio development in her new mountain surroundings. You can follow her on Instagram at gauthierriggs_artstudio and she can be contacted best through email at