Jillian Roulet

Artist Statement: 

Fibre Artist 

I have loved making things with fabric and yarn all my life.  I enjoy the creative process; not knowing what the end result will be and experimenting to create something I like. 

I work mainly with natural fibres - cotton, linen, wool and silk, and dye my own fabrics and yarns.  I colour and add textures to cloth using a variety of techniques including: dying, painting, printing, felting, and machine and hand stitching.  My goal is to make a piece of art that is attractive from a distance and also invites the viewer to look closer.  My work reflects my passion for bright colours, but I also enjoy the challenge of restricting myself to using a more neutral colour palette.

My work includes both abstract and representational art, and I am particularly inspired by colour and nature.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have lived in the Bow Valley for more than 25 years, and to have spent most of my career working in national parks.  I retired from Parks Canada as Superintendent of Banff National Park, and now have time to focus on my art.  I have a B.A. Sc. in Consumer Studies - Clothing, Textiles and Design (University of Guelph) and an M.A. in Regional Planning (University of Waterloo).  

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