Holly Wowk

Artist Statement:

Born in Calgary, Solaria Woodrow (Solaria’s Creations) and later renamed Holly Wowk, Holly spent the first 6 years of her life learning to climb trees and playing by the Bow River in Canmore.

Holly’s mother was informed by her Kindergarten teachers that Holly was artistically gifted and should be placed in Art school as soon as possible. Things being what they were at the time, Holly did not make it to art school and her and her family moved away.

By high school, Holly had taught herself how to throw pottery and sculpt with clay and other media, as well as teaching other students. Holly has had 3 years of informal training via the Calgary public school system. Excelling in photography, painting with oil and acrylic, drawing, sculpting, and jewelry designing. Holly is now looking to grow and explore her artistic abilities as an adult with different media forms.

Holly finds her inspiration in the solitudes of nature. She was a hiker and explorer at a young age in the Canmore boys and girls club, and later found her passion for hiking again back in the mountains that she has always felt were her home.