Gregory Strauch

Artist Statement:

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, my passion for visiting mountain and natural areas took a large leap in the early 1990s, while attending University of Calgary. I made some new friends and quickly took up hiking and scrambling in Kananaskis and Banff National Park. During those years my photographs were partially documentary and partially aesthetic, and I preferred the quality of slide film.

Several years later, after graduation and working as a computer programmer in San Francisco and Germany, I took an extended sabbatical - an 18 month solo journey between India and Turkey, including some Central Asian 'Stans', and Pakistan. I enjoyed casually photographing my journey on slide film, and ended up with a handful of gems and many mediocre images.

In more recent years I have poked into more obscure and less accessible locales in the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia, Utah canyon country, and other western U.S. areas. My photography improved, and my intuition for seeing a good image potential has sharpened.

I currently use a high quality point-and-shoot digital camera, due to cost, and lightness of weight (many of my trips are multi-day backpacks). This limits the size of photo I can print - a heavier DSLR camera may very well be the next step in my photography path.

Most of my images are natural environments and landscapes - Nature is the artist, I see myself simply as a curator and cropper, sharing the visual beauty of Planet Earth.