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Anne Martin 

Artist Statement: 

Anne’s art interprets the beauty and wonder of Creation through Canadian inspired, natural tapestries of the natural, animal and abstract world.  Anne uses colour to express her emotional response to what she will create on paper.  Trees are a strong symbol in all of Anne’s art, as representational of the past, the present, the future, strength, hope and beauty, earth, air and water.   Anne’s current art is exploring physical colours and their affects on one another.

Anne’s paintings capture moments to celebrate Nature in small, natural environments and magical, candid moments.  Using oil and chalk pastels or acrylics she layers colour to reflect the many layers of the world around her.  Anne is very privileged to live in Canada – a beautiful, diverse and many layered confederation of peoples dedicated to living in harmony with and celebrating their environment. 


Anne was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and grew up exploring the nature and history of Canada’s woodlands and shorelines and observing the changing of seasons in rural Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.  The magic of red, gold and orange as the sun pierces through maple forests stirred her creative senses at a very young age.  These bright colours are the starting point for all her creations. 

History and the natural Canadian environment continue to inspire her works.  Her early exploration and discovery created a passion and respect for nature which she currently celebrates with the use of acrylics and pastel.  She began painting landscapes, in oil, in 1995.  In 2000, she discovered chalk pastel, which was her exclusive medium for 20 years.  Anne draws additional inspiration from the mountains and coasts of Western Canada where she has lived since 1995.  Work and travel in Europe, exciting spiritual exploration, workshops, courses at ACAD and Red Deer College have expanded her life education and exposure to the many creative forces in human and natural history and has encouraged her love of expression through creative art.

Anne’s works are displayed in Canmore, Alberta at the CAG gallery.


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