Allan King

Artist Bio:

Allan King, born and raised  in Calgary, Alberta , Canada uses traditional photography to explore nature's light forms and issues of man and his environment,  culture, religion, and the world he creates and changes.

For the bulk of his 30 year professional career in photography, Allan has photographed man and his environment around the world, particularly  Western Canada,  Austria, Belgium, Asia, Tibet ,India, Vietnam, Japan, China, Israel, Sri Lanka and the SW United States.

His landscapes of the Western Canadian Rockies form the basis of extensive portfolios in platinum, selected works of which are now represented in private and government collections in Canada. For the last 20 years Allan has been photographing primarily with large format view cameras of all sizes ranging from 4X5 up to 12X20 - his favorite.

In addition to the platinum work however, Allan also crafts in his studio at his home in Calgary ultra large 1 meter X 2 meter wall mural size black and white prints on silver gelatin paper from the same large 12" X 20" negatives that he uses for platinum printing. Notable for their extraordinary detail, these images of the Canadian Rockies have been used as wall art in lobbies of some of Calgary's banks, accounting firms and oil companies.

He received a  grant from the Alberta Foundation For The Arts for a project entitled "The Art of Perception- Alberta’s Heritage In Platinum" in December 2003.

A representative sample of his portfolios can be seen in his website www.allanking.ca.

.Allan holds a BSc (Chemistry) from the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta (November 9, 1973), an MSc (Eng) from Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario (October 30, 1976) and a PhD (Eng) Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario (May 25, 1979).