Adrianna Stratton

Artist Statement:

My whole life I’ve been inspired to create - whether it be painting, drawing, or glueing/taping things together until they became something else (Like the taped together sock-scarf my Mom got one Christmas... sorry Mom!). I remember making Pom-Pom aliens, miniature dolls from modelling clay, and filling sketchbooks with drawings of the colourful fish at the Aquarium and the flowers in the garden. 

As I grew up, my enjoyment of art grew with me. I‘m still finding inspiration in flora & fauna. I also take inspiration from bright colours, patterns I find in the floor tiles/the spatter on the ceiling, and the people around me - to name a few. Favourite mediums at the moment include watercolour, ink, and pencil crayons. (No sock-scarves lately!). 

I love to make pieces that evoke a little joy, no matter how little. Currently, these pieces are mostly doodles for the young/young at heart. I hope to one day be an illustrator, perhaps of Children’s Books! 

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